“I believe that women will save our world. Our Women’s Day campaign aims to draw attention to this world-saving power of women. The philosophy of Romani is that every woman carries the mysteries of beauty, whether they are mothers, single, transgender, Roma or Hungarian growing up abroad. We invited five artists who are rebelling in many ways against the expected female roles of our age ” – says Erika Varga, founder of Romani Design.
A huge thanks to these extraordinary women: Alexandra Borbély , Marge, Rozina Pátkai, Adél Ónodi and Helena Varga.

Photo: Flóra Zsemlye
Designer: Erika Varga
Styling: Rozália Marge
Hairstyling: Mátyás Lukács
Make-up: Máté Szabó
Concept: Boglárka Fedorkó

Featured on Index, Marie Claire, Glamour