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The beginning of an uncertain journey 

“We came to a recognition: we don’t want to live a life where we have limited time to see each other. Knowing that we have professions which allow location independence, we took a big breath and set off on a journey where we created space and took the time to think through what we would do next.

The journey started in Southeast Asia, through lands we had never seen before, making every day a new challenge. Learning a bit of the local language, finding accommodation, food and from time to time a stable internet connection so we could work and generate enough income to travel even more. These everyday tasks made us concentrate only on the day ahead. In the meantime, the new lifestyle started to shape on its own organically. Constantly being on the road, feeling at home in any place and being open to any change, building a new world around us, a new imago mundi day by day.

After half a year in Asia, we decided to keep on travelling, and since then we haven’t stopped…”

This selection of analogue photos is the microcosmos of Flóra’s reality amidst a constantly changing environment during the first  part of their journey. Here is an insight in to a couple’s life, who intentionally chose to go on another path.

Exhibited in Slovakia, 2019